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Apartment Security Services 

​As the manager of your apartment community, it’s important that you are providing your staff and your residents with peace of mind.

We understand that no single apartment property is the same, which is why our locally owned franchises can work with you to build out a custom security solution that fits your needs. Through comprehensive security and needs assessments, we’ll work with you to identify the best security solutions for your property. These security solutions can consist of randomized mobile patrols, door checks, pool lockups, parking lot management and more.

We offer Armed and Unarmed Services.

Mobile Patrol

Our flagship service, providing you with peace of mind in knowing it is the strongest visual deterrent available in the security industry today. When we combine the prominence of our branded patrol vehicle, which is outfitted with reflective graphics, LED lighting, and Wi-Fi communications technology with our ability to respond to situations in a timely manner, you get an optimum security solution.

This service is the most cost-effective security solution that we currently offer. GPS-tracked vehicles and time-stamped electronic reports ensure quality services with verifiable performance. We offer our clients the flexibility to customize programs to address any and all security concerns such as:

• Maintenance: Lighting, Waste & Irrigation Assessments

• Access Control Services

• Facilities Checks: Offices, Pools, Fitness Facilities, Laundry Facilities and more

• Disturbance and Alarm Response

Parking Enforcement 

Metro Safety Patrol can restore order to your property’s parking lots. Services can be tailored to your needs, whether that means signage, tickets, towing, or something else. (Have you heard about our partnership with The Barnacle?) And thanks to Metro Safety Patrol unique mobile patrol model, parking lot patrols can be scheduled anytime, day or night, to deter parking scofflaws, unauthorized visitors, and break-ins. Parking is your residents’ first impression when they come home and their last impression as they leave. Don’t leave it to chance: increase peace of mind, increase occupancy.

Pool Patrols

Pool patrols

Everybody loves a refreshing swim on a hot day. Some prefer to go for a dip after the pool is closed for the evening. It’s unsafe for the swimmer, unpleasant for the neighbors, and a liability issue for the apartment. Metro Safety Patrol can schedule regular lockups or random pool checks to make sure the pool area is clear and secure. And if daytime issues are giving you the blues, Metro Safety Patrol officers can provide glass and pet control, access checks, and more.

Access Control Officer 

Metro Safety Patrol takes protecting staff services to a new level with the added benefit of security. Our access control personnel are professionally trained in security services, providing peace of mind for you and your residents. Our goal is to provide best-in-class service with observant, vigilant personnel who demonstrate the courtesy and professionalism you and your residents expect. Whether we are admitting visitors, accepting a delivery, or responding to a security issue, your residents will be in good hands.