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Personal Protection Officer

Do you need a bodyguard? 

Metro Safety Patrol offers the most professional protection officers that the industry has to offer:

Whether you are a company needing to protect your top executives on a business trip, a traveling celebrity or government official, a person of high net worth, or even a Fortune 500 company needing full-time protection of your top executives and their families, we can help you. Our personal protection officers understand the value of our client's privacy and excel at maintaining a high level of security while remaining completely discreet.

We do not just provide bodyguards; we provide a comprehensive protection solution.


Whether you need a single bodyguard or a complete private security team, Metro Safety Patrol has you covered. From the beginning to the end of every security detail, there is extensive planning and ongoing communication and adjustment to ensure the safest environment possible for our clients. This includes an extensive analysis of the client's needs, written and briefed operation orders, advanced travel and site preparation and surveillance. You will quickly discover that our personal protection officers always strive for the highest level of customer service and professionalism.


All our personal protection officers have passed a thorough background check and passed all requirements for state licensure. In addition to this, all personal security officers have completed an additional 80 hours of in-house training. This training focuses on executive customer service, advanced firearm skills, advanced unarmed combative, vehicle ambush drills, motorcade drills, team tactics, tactical first aid, hostage rescue and more. All our personal protection officers have extensive law enforcement and or combat military experience. Our personal security teams also include highly skilled and licensed paramedics who have been trained to the same high standard. We do our best to ensure that there is always a paramedic assigned with every multi-officer personal protection detail.

Our personal protection officers are required to complete a yearly physical assessment consisting of a 1-mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, and a bodyweight bench press so you can be sure they're always up to the task of providing the highest level of bodyguard services.

Our personal protection officers are also required to complete a very stringent yearly firearm qualification. Both standards surpass those required by police departments, except for the most elite tactical units.


There are a variety of reasons that our private security clients feel the need to hire a bodyguard or team of security professionals. Whether you are feeling threatened by someone in your personal sphere, or need greater protection due to a professional situation, our bodyguards are trained to detect, manage, and contain any potential threats to your safety. No two security details are the same, but you can be assured that every Metro Safety Patrol client is afforded the best private security in the DFW area.


The safety and well-being of you, your family, or your colleagues is paramount - but you likely don't have the personal security training and knowledge necessary to accurately identify and stop threats to your safety. Having the protection of trained, professional personal security guards helps to alleviate stress and anxiety - feelings that can hinder your ability to recognize and remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation. Beyond your own peace of mind, knowing that you're protected also relieves the anxieties and concerns of your family members, colleagues, and friends.


It's important to be aware that the requirements to be a licensed, private security guard will vary widely depending on your state's specific guidelines. It's also a sad truth that not every private security service will be upfront about how much training and operations experience their bodyguards may have.

Before hiring personal protection, it's key that you or your staff ask the following questions:

Do they communicate effectively?

People skills are a fundamental aspect of this role. A bodyguard needs to communicate respectfully and clearly not only with their client, but also with members of the public and/or with the client's professional colleagues.

Are they able to make smart decisions under stress?

Critical thinking - and being able to do so in high-pressure situations - is a key aspect that private security licensing organizations must consider. A private security detail should be considering and planning for every potential scenario, so they can take quick action when necessary.

Do they have strong situational awareness?

While some threats to your personal safety may be obvious, such as a person who is intending your physical harm, others may not be. Situational awareness - being cognizant of the immediate environment so they can identify and address any potential dangers - should be included in their ongoing security training.

Metro Safety Patrol bodyguards must pass the most rigorous and stringent testing and licensing requirements before they can serve on a private protection detail. Your safety and security require nothing less than the best.


Metro Safety Patrol is a private personal security contractor offering services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the state of Texas. We aim to provide the most qualified personal security officers by setting higher standards of hiring and training. If you need private security services, then look no further than our personal protection bodyguards and teams.

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